An Overview Of The New Mazda Miata in Amherst NY

The Mazda Miata has always been a vehicle that perfectly combines simplicity and performance into a small roadster shell. This formula has created decades of great handling and performing sports cars. The newest Miata is no exception to this tradition. The top-down driving you can do in the Miata is great for the summer weather in Amherst.


The newest Miata stands out from the others when it comes to styling. The previous generations of Miata had a smoother less aggressive look to them. The newest generation has a very angular front end that flows into a more swooping design towards the rear of the vehicle. This merging of styles gives the Miata a more grown-up look to it. You can choose one of seven colors to paint your Miata in. The cloth roof can be had in either black or brown and the metal roof on the RF is body-colored.


The interior of the Miata is a wonderful place to spend some time. It is laid out like a cockpit, so the driver has all of the controls at their fingertips. The interior uses durable leather for anything your hands touch regularly, and you can get leather or cloth seats depending on the trim. The seats can also come with red accent stitching for a sportier look. If you want a more classic luxury look to your interior, you can option the tan leather or even the brown Nappa leather. The interior of the Miata is so well built, it makes you feel like it was handcrafted by artisans.


The Miata has an impressive blending of classic design with top of the line technology. It has a 7" full-color touch screen with a multifunction command controller. This gives you two ways to control the entertainment in your Miata. To keep you connected during your drive there are three ways to connect your phone. There is Bluetooth, an Auxillary audio input, and a USB audio input. This allows you to connect your friend's phones easily without having to use Bluetooth.

The infotainment in the Miata is played out of a wonderful 9 speaker Bose setup. It even has speakers and subwoofers in the seats of the Miata. The Miata has a 4.6-inch color LCD display in the instrument cluster to clearly show all of the vital information and statuses.


The Miata is also packed full of safety technology. It has dual front airbags and side-impact airbags. It also has a great blind spot monitoring system that will notify you if anything sneaks into your blind spot. There is a cross-traffic alert system which in conjunction with the rearview camera gives you a great sense of security when backing out of a tight parking space around Niagara Falls.


The main feature of the Miata is its performance. It got a performance boost in the latest model year. It now produces 181 horsepower and 151 lb-ft of torque from a 2.0L dual overhead cam 16 valve 4-cylinder engine with variable valve timing. This engine is incredibly high tech and gives you the best performance and efficiency possible. This is a vehicle that loves to be revved out, that's why it has a red line that goes to 7500 RPM.

You can get the Miata as an automatic or a manual. Both have six gears and both are great for blazing down backroads near North Tonawanda or Lockport. The Miata is not made for all-out speed. It is made to have as much fun as you can within the confines of the law. This is a sports car that you can fully experience without breaking the law. It prioritizes handling and momentum-based driving instead of power.

To really make the Miata your own, you need to pick the right trim for you. The first choice is what roof do you want. You can get the more secure but heavier RF metal roof or go with the lighter more pure standard roof. After that, you can choose the trim. The basic sport trim prioritizes going fast and being lightweight. The Club trim is a nice mixture of sportiness and luxury, and finally, the Grand Touring trim is great for cross country cruising as it is the most luxurious. Our team prefers the luxury that comes with the Grand Touring trim, and it would be a great fit for many drivers around Buffalo.

No matter what trim you choose on the Miata it will be a well-balanced sports car. To take a Miata for a test drive you can visit Northtown Mazda, serving Tonawanda. Our team will get you in the driver's seat and show you all of the great features the Miata has to offer.

Once you have picked out the new Mazda that you wish to take home, we can help you secure auto financing. We have many lease and loan options that you will find very attractive.

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