Five Tips to Help Keep Your Mazda in Tip-Top Shape

Much like your own health, the well-being of your Mazda depends on how much effort you put into maintaining it. The key to maximizing your Mazda's lifespan is by taking proper precautions and servicing your vehicle on a routine basis. Here at Northtown Mazda, our service crew wants you to take advantage of keeping your Mazda healthy in Amherst, NY. To help you get started, we’ve outlined five easy tips that you can use to help keep your Mazda in tip-top shape.

  1. Regular Oil Changes - Getting regular oil changes as per the manufacturer’s recommended service intervals is the best way to promote good engine health. Changing your oil every 5,000-miles will help keep your engine properly lubricated and will aid in delivering powerful performance in Amherst, NY.
  2. Seasonal Tire Rotation - Your Mazda’s tires have a lifespan, and if not rotated regularly, they can wear down and eventually cause permanent damage to your wheels. Rotate your tires according to your owner’s manual and start each season off right with balanced tires and wheels.
  3. Routine Fluid Checks - Promoting strong engine performance always starts with checking and regulating your fluids underneath the hood. It’s important to routinely check your fluid levels and top off any of your Mazda’s reservoirs if they look low.
  4. Battery Care - Your Mazda’s battery is a central operating component that affects your entire vehicle. Regular battery care and diagnosis are critical to ensure your electrical system is working correctly so that you don’t find yourself stuck on the side of the road in Buffalo, NY, with a corroded or dead battery.
  5. Car Wash - The aesthetic of your Mazda’s interior and exterior is only as elegant as it is clean. Keep your Mazda looking fresh with regular car washes and detailing, making sure to attack the inside seats as well as the exterior body panels.

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