What Can Shoppers Expect When Purchasing a New Mazda in 2021?

If you're in the market for a new vehicle in 2021, the experts at Northtown Mazda are committed to helping to navigate the new car-buying process without any stress. Coming off a rather hectic and traumatic year in 2020, our team wants to help restore your faith when it comes to seeking out your next new car to buy. Whether you're shopping to buy or lease a new car in 2021, the buying process might look a little different this year, and we're here to tell you what you can expect.

Expectations for Buying a New Car in 2021

Unlike in previous years, 2021 has already presented us with an array of unique challenges that are currently affecting the automotive industry. Before you go ahead and buy a new car this year, we ask that you remain flexible and be willing to reduce your expectations as we work to spruce up our new inventory with the latest makes and models. For those shopping for a new car in Buffalo, NY, you may be forced to wait or custom order your vehicle online to avoid waiting in line at our Northtown Mazda dealership.

With the ongoing microchip shortage still plaguing the industry, the experts at our facility in Amherst, NY, are doing the best we can to populate our new vehicle selection with the latest intelligent models. But to help ensure you know what you're getting into, we're here to help dispel any rumors and refine your expectations for what you can expect when buying a new car from Northtown Mazda in 2021.

Inventory Light Due to Microchip Shortage

You may have heard that the automotive industry is currently faced with a lack of microchip processors, but what does this mean for you if you're trying to buy a new car in 2021? Without the latest microchips available, automakers around the country have been forced to halt production and discontinue specific "intelligent" features in certain models.

This unprecedented backlog in production is a direct result of last year's pandemic, affecting the auto industry more than any other business. According to an article from The Drive, "the auto industry also has tougher requirements for the semiconductor industry to meet compared to standard consumer electronics." So if you plan on buying a new car in 2021, it might look a little different. You may not get the chance to experience all of the latest tech and driver-assistance features that you normally would, including high-definition touchscreens and intelligent safety systems.

Be Prepared to Order Ahead of Time

Instead of visiting us and purchasing your favorite vehicles from our new inventory, we recommend being prepared to order your new vehicles online ahead of time. Due to the lack of microchips and our shortage of new models for sale, it might be best moving forward to resort to ordering your favorite vehicles in advance exclusively. If you can't afford to wait and need a new vehicle right away, we can help you explore our certified pre-owned (CPO) inventory for some of the most reliable and trustworthy used vehicles for sale near Niagara Falls, NY.

Lenders Are More Inclined to Extend Your Lease

Even if you don't plan on buying something new right away, almost all lenders in North Tonawanda, NY, are willing to extend your lease contract to help give you more time to shop. We recommend reaching out to your lender to figure out your options so that you can customize your car-buying experience this year in 2021.

Contact Us to Learn More

For more information about what you can expect when buying a new car in 2021, please call or contact our sales team at Northtown Mazda! We're happy to speak with you and talk about the current expectations for buying a new car in 2021. We look forward to meeting you!